Science communication

Attending National Geographic’s Explorers Festival, Sciencetelling Bootcamp, and online videography/photography course – learning how to maximise the impact of conservation research by making it accessible and engaging to a wide audience. Putting these skills into practice by talking to 40 classrooms across North America via Explorer Classroom, teaching undergrads about stable isotope ecology and appearing on international news media across many platforms, including a TRTWorld Video (Reuters affiliate), BBC Radio (19:38-21:30), Sustainable Asia Podcast and other global news media [see Media section]

Demand reduction activities

Conducting behaviour change activities that reach the masses across different mediums, and delivering the information and inspiration for them to become environmental advocates – such as organising the Hong Kong premier of award-winning documentary The Last Animals, co-ordinating the city’s first-even pangolin awareness event, and continuously sharing information via social media page Hong Kong for Pangolins, administered by Astrid.


Writing articles [see publications], conducting first-hand investigations and surveys in wildlife markets, and maintaining a network of journalists to generate widespread coverage of topical wildlife trade issues and research. As a freelance journalist, Astrid has contributed articles to TIME Asia, National Geographic China [publications], and Annatmiticus, in the hope of reaching as many people as possible with conservation information and messaging.


Organising and attending several protests to pressure Hong Kong businesses to stop selling shark fin/ivory, exhibiting rhino horn products, and to reduce carbon emissions. Providing support through mapping protest routes, filing paperwork with authorities, guiding chants on loudspeaker, wearing costumes, producing props / signs (including a papier mache baby elephant!) and collecting signatures for petitions.

Astrid with papier mache baby elephant in front of an Ivory shop in Hong Kong.