National Geographic Women’s Fund

  • To monitor macaw nests in the Peruvian Amazon

National Geographic Collaborative Grant

  • Apply microchip technology as a forensic conservation tool to protect turtles in Palawan, The Philippines. (Co-PI)


National Geographic Early Career Grant

  • Interview rangers and villagers in Komodo National Park, Indonesia, about their relationship with the park and to threats yellow-crested cockatoos, record vocalisations of cockatoos there and compare with urban counterparts in Hong Kong.

HKU School of Biological Sciences Pilot Scheme Award

  • Travel to Singapore and work in the Avian Evolutionary Lab at the National University of Singapore, conduct ancient DNA extraction and bioinformatics analysis.


Wildlife Reserves Singapore Regional Grant

  • Conduct two field seasons in Singapore to investigate yellow-crested cockatoo abundance, distribution and interactions with other cavity nesting bird species, and design, deploy and maintain rooftop cage traps for cockatoos in Hong Kong. (Co-PI)


Ocean Park Conservation Foundation

  • Compare Hong Kong’s introduced population of yellow-crested cockatoos with the largest remaining native population in Indonesia, measure abundance of large trees in each location, roost/nest density and distribution, and population trends over time. (Co-PI)