Working with rangers, villagers in Komodo, Indonesia

Spent 3 months interviewing >100 rangers and villagers working/living in Komodo National Park, Indonesia. A report containing data on poaching, wildlife abundance and the relationship between villagers and park authorities helped inform public policy on park tourism in 2019. In ] 2020 we have planned an additional event for stakeholder engagement and conservation efforts going forward.

Monitoring macaw nests in Peru

Conducted daily checks at Scarlet Macaw (Ara macao) nests in the Peruvian Amazon during 2019-2020 breeding season with The Macaw Society. Learned best practices for chick measuring, nest box design, and evaluating cause of chick mortality.

Supporting anti-trafficking police, customs officials, and rangers

Working with NGO Freeland in Bangkok, Thailand, to facilitate and publicise successful anti-trafficking actions by enforcement officials, attend major customs seizures, and provide support for ranger trainings in dong phayayen-khao yai forest complex.

Camera trap observations of urban wildlife

Maintaining camera traps across 3 urban parks in Hong Kong for (ongoing), documenting bird and mammal diversity at supplementary feeding stations, which will also be used as cage traps to collect data on movement ecology, disease prevalence, genetic health, and more.

Microchipping turtles in Palawan, The Philippines

Collaborative effort to combat the illegal capture, trafficking and trade in turtles from a protected area in Palawan by microchipping turtles, equipping customs authorities with microchip readers, and conducting educational workshops in-situ. We will engage communities and park rangers in the application of this technology, as well as providing them with knowledge about the ecological consequences of black market turtle trade. Scheduled for late 2020.

Thanks for the continuous support to the following partners -

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