Astrid is a conservation biologist, and her research focuses on wildlife trade and critically endangered yellow-crested cockatoos. She is a National Geographic Explorer (2018), a member of HKU’s Conservation Forensics Laboratory and the Hong Kong Wildlife Trade Working Group.

She has recently authored scientific papers on the trade of hippo teeth, shark fins and elephant ivory. She’s also the founder of Hong Kong for Pangolins, and has worked on counter-wildlife-trafficking projects with a number of NGOs, including Freeland, WildAid, TRAFFIC and Humane Society International, on topics ranging from traditional Chinese medicine to the exotic pet trade.
She is also a freelance conservation journalist, having contributed investigative reports and articles to Time Asia and National Geographic China.


- First Aid International, Outdoor First Aid Course
- Borneo Tree Climbing Academy, Level II
- National Geographic Sciencetelling Bootcamp
- PADI Open Water Scuba Diving Certification

She tweets at AA_Andersson and Instagrams at astrid_alex_andersson. Refer to CV for more details.